We facilitate exceptional 1:1 learning that’s designed to support the development of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. Our focus is primarily on the core subjects taught to this age group (children aged 4-11 years-old), as outlined within the UK National Curriculum.

Why do we focus on this age bracket?

This stage of learning is crucial to a child’s overall cognitive, academic and social growth. Language development and understanding logic are two of the key characteristics honed during this key period.

And it’s our belief that dedicated teaching assistants can greatly enhance this process and accelerate a child’s development before they embark upon Secondary Education.

But we also understand that life can sometimes get in the way – for parents, teaching assistants and children!

Which is why we’ve created a platform that’s accessible for all, without selling anyone short.

I want to be a teaching assistant

Core subjects we cover






Art and Design


Modern languages

What we offer

  • An enhanced matching of Buddy, parent and child.
  • Flexible and cost-effective time slots.
  • Focussed online learning environments.
  • Highly qualified and fully vetted Buddies.
  • Unsurpassed growth opportunities – for Buddies and children.

What makes us stand out?

We’re modern but not wacky. Intelligent without being too intricate. ‘Out there’ but age appropriate. We know our key people demand quality and integrity at every step of the journey. This is why…

Our Buddies have the right qualifications

We perform stringent safeguarding checks.

We provide peace of mind to parents, children and our Buddies.

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